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Our passion for the sea began in Naples, Italy in 1867 with Master Giangaetano Capuano. He was a Captain and brought the first American submarine to Italy. He had four sons: Peppino, Enrico, Valter and Mariolino. His love for the sea was transmitted to all four. They traveled the world at sea on Achille Lauro Vessels. In the 50s, Valter and Enrico passed the national exams to become Harbour Pilots and were transferred to Augusta, Sicily. In 1965, Valter married Anna, together they had three sons: Giangaetano, Giuseppe and Mimi. She continues to be the engine of the family. In 2006, Valter and his son, Mimi, launched Capuano Shipping Agency in the Port of Augusta, Sicily. They feel a profound and deep connection to the sea and believe it is simply an intrinsic part of their DNA and of their essence.

“The Sea is a large family, many people live in it. Life, like waves, sometimes lulls you forward, sometimes backwards…but you always meet again, even after years, or after a long journey. The sea educates, shapes, leaves you breathless…The sea scares us but it is our courage.
The sea is our family.”




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